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Pygmy goat named Penny

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Our Story

It all started in 2008 when we met at a park in a little town in Wyoming and talked about goats for hours.


Well, we talked about other stuff too—our children, what it was like growing up in rural areas, and how we came to meet each other like this—but it was the goat part that let us know we were right for each other.


Since then, we’ve been feeding a dream of living off grid and working with our hands in the soil.


I’m Julie—a writer, editor, and master herbalist who is continually searching for ways to help people relax and bring the magic back into their lives.


Clay is an engineer, cybersecurity professional, and thought leader who’d rather be driving a tractor or starting his next off-grid project. Clay loves finding creative solutions to everyday challenges.


Together, we’re the creative force behind Little Dog Ranch—your off-grid well-being resource.

The world is hectic.

Your life doesn’t have to be.


Let us help you discover ways to reconnect with nature, create a sustainable lifestyle, and find your spark.


I know it’s in there somewhere.


Have a topic suggestion or a product you'd like us to review? Let's connect.

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