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21 Kitchen Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Off Grid Chefs

Updated: Jan 3

Outdoor kitchen accessories are not always the same as what you’d use indoors. Gifts for grillers and smokers need to be able to handle high heat, residue from smoke, and exposure to the elements.

It’s even better when outdoor kitchen gifts use renewable resources instead of requiring a connection to the grid.

If you’ve run out of ideas for off-grid gift giving or you want something a little more practical than the newest trend in luxury BBQ gifts, check out our gift ideas for both indoor and outdoor off-grid chefs.

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This article contains an excerpt from the “Ultimate Off Grid Gift Guide for Modern Homesteaders.” Click here to read the full article.

  1. Ancient Cookware: Handcrafted clay cookware adds an artisanal touch to any table. This beautiful Chamba Soup Pot looks just as lovely indoors as it does simmering on the grill.

  2. Enameled Cast Iron Tagine: The cone-shaped lid of a tagine circulates steam to cook food evenly and keep it moist. Cast iron keeps food warm longer and is sturdy enough to be used over a gas burner or in an oven.

  3. Sun oven: Your favorite off-grid chef will love you for picking out a solar oven to save them from hovering over a fire when they want to cook outdoors. GoSun is my favorite portable solar oven, and they have several models and sizes to choose from.

  4. Nonelectric food dehydrator: Hanging, screen-covered food dehydrators are the most economical (and energy-free) way to dehydrate fruits and veggies. But if your off-grid gift recipient generates their own electricity, I recommend Nesco food dehydrators to quickly and efficiently dry several stacked trays of goodies at once. I’ve used the same Nesco dehydrator for close to 20 years, and I finally gave it to my daughter this year when I bought myself a new Gardenmaster from Nesco.

  5. Kelly Kettle: Need a holiday gift for a coffee lover? Kelly Kettles are pretty amazing. Think rocket stove plus tea kettle all in one. By using twigs and other natural fuel sources, you can bring water to a boil in just a few minutes. Make coffee or tea, rehydrate freeze-dried foods, or fill a hot water bottle!

  6. Water bottle with filter: How about a water bottle to keep your off-grid buddy hydrated when they're out in the wilderness? The Survimate water filtration bottle not only has a replaceable filter that lasts for around 1500 liters of use, but it also has a little compass on the lid to help your loved one find their way back to the path.

  7. Berkey: We’ve been using our Big Berkey for over two years, and we still love it. We bought our Berkey while still connected to city tap water (yuck!). It does an excellent job of filtering out all the undesirable chemicals to make our drinking and cooking water safer for us and our dogs.

  8. Canning supplies: Gardening goes with living off the grid. But you have to do something with your excess harvest, so why not gift some much-needed canning supplies? If they have plenty of jars and lids already (can you ever have too many?), give them some canning accessories to make life easier. I bought these silicone gloves back in 2020, and they have been my best canning buddy ever since.

  9. Hand-powered blender or mixer: Sure, you can chop fruits and vegetables with a knife and knead bread by hand, but what if you want to make a smoothie? The GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender can puree fruit into a delicious breakfast drink completely off the grid. All you need is a little elbow grease.

  10. Sprouting seed sampler: I try to keep sprouts growing indoors all year long, and in the winter—when our garden is buried under snow—we rely on fresh microgreens for sandwich fillers and smoothie additions. Gift a sprouting seed sampler pack to add some variety to your loved one’s indoor culinary garden.

  11. Thermal cooker: Thermal cookers keep food hot for hours without using any electricity, and they're a practical gift for outdoorsy types who like to go camping. Simply fill with food and liquid that has been brought to a boil, and a thermal cooker will continue the cooking process by trapping heat with a vacuum seal. My favorite? The Stanley Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock!

  12. Fermenting kit or glass weights: I adore these glass fermentation weights! I keep mine in continual use for fermented salsa and, in the fall, fermented sunchokes.

  13. Glass butter churn: Some things are just easier when you have the right tools. Churning butter is one of those tasks. If your off-grid chef makes butter at home, gift them a glass butter churn that will look just as pretty on the counter when it’s not in use.

  14. Butter keeper crock: Butter was always kept in a crock on the counter when I was growing up. Always the perfect consistency for spreading, we never had to take butter from the fridge to let it soften so we could spread it on toast. How about gifting some vintage charm reminiscent of a French country kitchen with a Butter Bell butter crock?

  15. Wooden utensils: My mom always used wooden spoons when she cooked. They were equally well-loved for stirring a pot of sauce or mixing pound cake batter. If you want to gift something other than the average wooden spoon, may I suggest a set of wooden spurtles? Spurtles are a Scottish utensil for stirring soups, stews, and porridge. Plus, it’s fun to say!

  16. Sprout bag: One of the issues I’ve had when growing sprouts is not getting enough water back out of the jar … and then the sprouts start to spoil. A hemp sprout bag eliminates that problem by allowing more airflow through the tiny, growing seedlings.

  17. Hand-operated grain mill: This hand-crank grain mill does an amazing job of turning wheat berries into flour. I’ve used mine successfully for wheat, oats, and barley.

  18. Cooking pot tripod: If your gift recipient enjoys cooking over an outdoor fire but doesn’t have a great way to support their soup kettle over the flames, think about getting them a cast iron cooking tripod so they can hang their kettle or dry their socks!

  19. Afghan pressure cooker: You know how fast a pressure cooker can cook a meal. But most pressure cookers have plastic handles or other meltable parts that are not intended to be exposed to fire. An Afghan pressure cooker is different—it’s made to handle the heat! Gift this, and your off-grid gift recipient can pressure cook over a campfire or in a fire pit.

  20. Camp stove: I truly don’t know what I’d do without my Camp Chef Explorer camp stove; it’s not just for camping. It’s strong enough to support my All American Pressure Canner, and with two burners, I can use the second one to sterilize more canning jars in a pot of boiling water at the same time.

21. Reusable grocery bags: Just because someone lives off grid doesn’t mean they never need to go shopping. There are still occasional items they’ll need to run to town to pick up. These heavy-duty reusable shopping bags will support them in reducing their carbon footprint by avoiding single-use plastics when they shop.

Want more ideas for living the off-grid life? Check out this article on 9 Essential Off Grid Skills!

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