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17 Ultimate Stress Relieving Gifts for the Holidays or Any Day

Updated: Jan 3

Relaxation is good for your health, and it’s always nice to be pampered. But not everyone will spend money on themselves for a day at the spa or at-home self-care items.

So why not spoil your loved ones (or yourself!) and give some helpful tools to enhance anyone’s self-care routine!

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Aromatherapy candles

Mrs. Meyer’s candles are made with natural ingredients and without testing on animals. Choose lavender for relaxation or lemon verbena for a clean, bright fragrance.

For long-burning, paraffin-free soy candles with a crackling wooden wick and exotic fragrance combinations (like eucalyptus orange or bergamot with jasmine), try Benevolence Los Angeles. They donate part of their proceeds to charity, so you’re really giving two gifts with every purchase.

Wax melts made from soy or beeswax

If you prefer wax melts instead of candles for your aromatherapy experience, try Happy Wax. Their soy wax melts are paraffin-free and come in classic scents. Try their Spa Day mix with fun little bear-shaped melts in lavender chamomile, sage and cedarwood, and eucalyptus spearmint.

Meditation books

If you or your loved one enjoy meditation and mindfulness activities, try gifting a book to give them new scripts and techniques. Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday by Matthew Sokolov has information on mindful eating and how to do a body scan to see where you are holding stress in your body.

If you’d prefer something a little more classic, try You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment, by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Gratitude journal

Journaling for stress relief can benefit people of all ages, as I demonstrated by showing a page from my childhood journal in my article on creative journaling. To get started, give a guided journal, like this one by Allison Task, MS PCC. The daily prompts and lined pages make writing every day easy.

If you prefer a more creative approach, give a bullet journal with dotted pages that can be decorated and doodled to your heart’s content.

Adult coloring books

When I was diagnosed with an issue that would require major surgery (don’t worry, I’m all better now!), my sister sent me a gift box with adult coloring books and markers. They were a lovely distraction that helped me live in the present and put my worries aside.

If you know someone who enjoys coloring, they’ll love these Mogyann dual-tip coloring pens.


Snuggle moments are a wonderful way to relax. Plush sherpa blankets and thermal cotton throws are pure luxury year after year. If you’re looking for something made from natural fibers but don’t want cotton, try this Bamboo Cable Knit Throw.

Weighted blanket

If not just any blanket will do, try gifting a weighted blanket to ease anxiety, release stress, and sleep soundly. I prefer a weighted blanket on the lighter side, so this knitted 10-pound blanket works for me.

Games for mindfulness

Mindfulness does not always require stillness. It’s the act of focusing on the present moment and letting go of the past and present—putting worries and anxiety away and releasing them so you can enjoy your life right now.

For ideas on how to practice mindfulness without just sitting in the lotus pose, try The Self-Care Bucket List or these Stress Less Cards with 50 mindfulness activities.

If you have a little meditator on your gift list, how about giving them the tools to learn some self-care, too, with Meditation Cards for Kids?

Soaps and bath

Self-care affects all areas of our lives. Bring a little extra pampering into the bathroom by gifting some luxurious scrubbing soaps or some water mint and rosemary bubble bath.

Bath accessories come in masculine scents, too. For all the fragrance without the bubbles, try gifting a set of coconut and hemp bath bombs made with essential oils, like patchouli and sandalwood.

If you’re into the DIY scene, try making homemade sugar scrubs or shower steamers for a completely personalized gift.

Lotion and massage oil

Lotions and massage oils nourish the skin and provide the ultimate in stress reduction. This ylang ylang and ginger massage oil smells absolutely heavenly and makes skin silky soft.

Face mask from natural ingredients

What’s a spa day without a face mask? Clay face masks draw impurities from the skin and help remove dead cells. Try this Moroccan Red Clay mask, crafted with botanicals and lightly scented with rose.

Lip mask

Don’t forget to take care of those pouty lips! A collagen-boosting overnight lip mask is the finishing touch to the perfect facial.

Neck massager

I’m not a stranger to neck pain, so when I received this shiatsu neck massager as a gift, I immediately tried it out. Let me tell you—it worked wonders on my sore muscles. I use it several times a week for tight shoulders and a stiff neck. It costs less than a single massage and stands up to repeated use. Mine even came with a car charger for those long trips when we travel to spend time with family.

Self-care calendar

Need a reminder to take care of yourself? The Bliss Collections Daily Planner will give you a gentle reminder to take care of yourself while you’re making your to-do list and taking care of everyone else.

Pedicure items

The perfect gift for someone who’s always on their feet (got any nurse or teacher friends?), a massaging foot spa is sure to be a welcome addition to your gift recipient’s self-care toolkit.

Warming slippers

While we’re on the topic of tootsies, how about a plush pair of snuggly-soft warming slippers for those chilly evenings in front of the fire? Warm them up in the microwave (follow the manufacturer’s directions) and slip them on to instantly banish the chills.

Mindful magazine subscriptions

For the gift that keeps giving all year, buy a subscription to Mindful magazine. I bought my first subscription when the magazine was new, and it has continued to grow and provide me with helpful tips ever since.

Do you have any outdoor-loving adventurers or off-gridders on your holiday gift list? If so, head on over to our Ultimate Off Grid Gift Guide for Modern Homesteaders and have a look around!


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