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17 Gift Ideas for Writers and Book Lovers

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

A good book and a cup of tea.

I’ve talked before about how writing in a journal relieves stress—but for those of us who love to write, journaling is only the tip of the iceberg.

Falling into a story and getting lost in adventures with the characters is a sweet escape from daily drudgery. Whether you’re guiding the characters on their journey (or they’re telling you what to write!), or you’re reading your favorite author’s latest tale, this gift list is sure to have something that appeals to bibliophiles of every genre.

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Literary T-shirt

Do you have trouble saying no to requests for your time when you’d rather be catching up on the next chapter? This funny Hamlet T-shirt will help get your message across loud and clear.

Literary tote bags

Having too many book bags is like saying you can have too many books—impossible! This cotton canvas library card tote bag is perfect for carrying your latest reads plus a notebook and pen so you can jot down those spur-of-the-moment ideas for your next great novel.

Temporary tattoos

I’ve never committed to a tattoo … I know I’d change my mind as soon as it was finished! If you’re looking for your next arm inspo or, like me, want to try on a tattoo without committing to it 100%, you’ll love these temporary literary tattoos that you can apply with water and remove when you want to change things up.

Vintage journal

I love the look and feel of this vintage leather journal. I gave one to my daughter for graduation and immediately fell in love with the crinkly, antique-style pages. The hand stitched binding is beautifully done, and each journal is packaged in a sturdy gift box that protects it during shipping.

Solar desk lamp

This solar desk lamp helps save the planet while your favorite protagonist saves the day. Let sunlight charge this lamp near a sunny window and use the stored energy to light up your bedtime story or charge your cell phone.

Wizard bookends

Bring a little magic to your bookshelf with these antique-style wizard bookends. The feather quill pen and ink on one side and melted candle on the other will add the perfect touch to your fantasy book set or your Edgar Allen Poe collection.

Shakespeare magnetic doll

I used to play with paper dolls, but I never owned one that looked like the bard himself! Dress up your fridge while you dress up Shakespear with this magnetic dress-up doll playset. Gift it to a young aspiring writer, or keep it for yourself to add a little quirkiness to your kitchen.

Funko literary figures

Invite Stephen King to sit by you while you dive into one of his classic tales of mystery and horror. Well, maybe not the real Stephen King, but this Funko Pop! Stephen King doll will gladly look over your shoulder while you re-read The Shining.

Literary socks

While we’re on the topic of The Shining, how about these kinda creepy socks with the Grady Twins (one for each ankle)?

If you’re into something with a little more cuddle and a little less scare, try these Out of Print socks for literature lovers.

Zipper pouch

Get organized with this Out of Print zipper pouch that can hold cosmetics, pencils, a mini first-aid kit, or other tidbits and trinkets.

Card catalog

Store tea bags or organize small desk supplies with this retro card catalog. The nine wooden drawers each have a metal handle and a little slot for the label of your choice.

Fingerless gloves

You won’t say Nevermore to these Poe-inspired fingerless gloves. Keep your hands warm and leave your fingers free while snuggling up with your next page-turner.

A new coffee mug

I just can’t get enough of these mugs with quotes from famous literature. Choose from Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, or a coffee mug with the titles of banned books (that we still read anyway).

Novel tea

Now that you’ve picked out a new mug, how about the perfect tea to go with it? Gain some early morning inspo with the literary quotes on each tea bag in this English breakfast Novel Teas set.

2TB flash drive

Keep a backup copy of everything you write with this 2-terabyte flash drive. Store it in a fireproof safe for extra security, or carry it in on your keychain, so your writing goes with you everywhere.

Bamboo lap desk

You don’t have to sit at a desk to write, but setting your laptop on your lap isn’t the most comfortable, either. A cushioned lap desk is the perfect solution to raise the height of your laptop or tablet while you recline on the sofa or lounge in bed and create to your heart’s content.

Literary candles

If you love the smell of old books, you’ll love this set of literary candles! The scent of old scrolls and old and new books alike will fill your home while you gaze off into the distance and procrastinate on starting your next writing project.

Need more gift ideas?

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